iCal syncing with Google Calendar problems

Server responded with an error iCal Calendar issues.

OK, I think I found a nice workaround.

  1. Backup your iCal Archive. Save to the desktop (easy to find)
  2. Delete all account info in iCal
  3. Delete all info on Google at your calendar (under settings icon)
  4. make a new Google account in iCal (it probably will give you errors, don’t worry, we’ll fix that)
  5. Under account info in iCal, change “Account Information” to
    1. Description: YOURNAME@www.google.com
    2. User Name: YOURNAME (don’t put @google.com)
    3. Password: YOURPASSWORD
  6. Under Server Settings:
    1. Server Address: www.google.com
    2. Server Path: /calendar/dav/YOURNAME@gmail.com/user/
    3. Port: 443
    4. Make sure SSL is CHECKED
    5. DO NOT check Use kerberos
  7. Wait a few minutes for the updates to come rolling in.
  8. Allow “revert to server” for damaged entries, Make a note if you really need those entries
  9. Add the calendar archive that you backed-up in step 1
  10. It will sync for a while. Check your Google Cal online.

Hope this works for you. It did for me

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