Mighty Nice Meats website e-commerce development.

With award-winning meat and award-winning service, we thought they deserved an award-winning e-commerce website.

They desired an e-commerce website to provide their customers with a simple mobile responsive website that was tailored to each customer. Customers often want to mix and match, buy in bulk to save money and also get their goods delivered to them.

Kerri at WriteContent had already built the website, but requested our assistance to further develop the e-commerce for Mighty Nice Meats.

Customised pricing for different sized packages was a must for the site, as well as bulk buy discounts and individual product inquiries.

Payment options include banking transfers and PayPal have met the financial business needs.

Semantic code, web standard CSS, SEO friendly copy and optimised imagery have brought Mighty Nice Meats to the forefront in e-commerce for Butchers.

This site was a finalist for the Queensland Multimedia Awards in 2015, category, websites under $5000.