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About Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop allows techniques such as deep etching, retouching and colour correction to be produced expertly and creatively for image montaging, texture generation, manipulation of text as image, illustration and special effects. Users can create their images in Photoshop or import images from digital cameras and other graphics programs, such as Illustrator for manipulation.

Photographs can be taken into Photoshop for those scratch touch-ups or even to remove objects entirely, colour changes, to change the depth of field or to blur out the background. The possibilities are endless.

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From: $100.00

This course is ideal for those who will be using Photoshop to prepare images to a minimum requirement i.e. resize images, crop images, change the brightness and contrast and to prepare images for either print purposes or for your websites etc.

From: $100.00

This course introduces the techniques used in Adobe Photoshop for photo-retouching, tonal correction, deep etching, image editing, colour painting and montaging. Included is a session on utilising Adobe Bridge.